Itchy Pet Awareness Month

August is recognized by the AVMA as Itchy Pet Awareness Month.  Our companion pets have many kinds of issues that that can be supported with CBD. Pets with skin conditions, such as atopic dermatitis, lick granulomas, and flea allergy dermatitis can find relief by using our WünderPet CBD. It also helps with pain associated with hot spots and open wounds.

WünderPet has all sizes of sprays that are perfect to help.  Sprays are great because they can be used both topically and internally! The Cannabinoid receptors throughout the skin allow the CBD to easily enter your pet’s body and ease their discomfort.

The same medical grade hemp CBD is used in both our sprays and our tinctured bottles. Our sprays are often applied directly onto the skin to support alleviating any itchiness caused by skin issues and allergy areas. The good news is that if your companion pet licks their WünderPet spray off, it converts to internal CBD. So next time you are at your vet, ask them for WünderPet!

Do you have any questions for a veterinarian about CBD for pets? E-mail our WünderPet Veterinarian Advisory Board Chairman and fellow PSIvet member Dr. Axel Gray at

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