Why Veterinarians The # 1 Selling DVM only Pet Brand on the Market

  • “Having not carried CBD before, I was worried about legal compliance. WünderPet legally seems to be by far the most knowledgeable and ethical.”
  • “I researched and found out that previous supplier was not actually a US based company, while WünderPet has verified they are in all area’s.”
  • “We found that the cost of WünderPet per mg of CBD averages 20% less than leading supplier I was buying from.”
  • “My previous supplier sells on internet to anyone, claiming they only sell to DVM’s. Also their internet price, if I matched vs. my cost, only allows me to make 1/2 the profit that I do on WünderPet. I was basically getting my clients on the other other company’s brand and then driving them to purchase from the company’s internet site on future purchases. WünderPet sells only to DVM’s, or my clients directly, and shares the profit with me if our customers buy directly from them.”
  • “My previous supplier was putting the same milligrams of CBD in a larger bottle making people think they are getting more. Very deceptive. I was shown by WünderPet that is the mgs of CBD and concentration that matters, not the ml size of the bottle.”
  • “I was told by a previous supplier that their method of extraction was the most superior and that cold processed CO2 (WünderPet method) was the most toxic. Found out simply not true, just the opposite.”
  • “WünderPet has many promotions and deals for me and my companion pet owners. My other company never offered any.”
  • “WünderPet gave me display options, and materials to help me sell CBD. My sales grew 5 times over our previous supplier.”
  • “WünderPet has grown my overall clinic business by 8% since selling it for a year. It has grown our practice revenue over any other new care option in the 35 years I have been practicing.”
  • “I am selling as a sole practicing rural veterinarian $78,000 annually on WunderPet now with monthly double digit growth. I never have seen anything like it!”
  • “WunderPet’s partnership with 10 leading US Veterinarian Universities is impressive. I don’t know of any other company working with that many universities. I haven’t heard of any CBD working with any universities.”
  • “I am excited that WünderPet is exclusive to PSIvet! I also like that we get a rebate on every purchase and on top of that WünderPet’s price is lower than my previous supplier. We can really make good profit on this product.”
  • “I like that WünderPet is independently tested at the highest level lab facility in the world that has the only ISO/IEC 12750 2017 certification. Their requirements that they must meet for the CBD Seal Or Distinction makes me and my pet owners know they are the highest quality and safety. They offer $500 to any vet that can produce a more detailed certificate of analysis from an ISO IEC 12750 certified nationally recognized lab.That is impressive.”
  • “WünderPet is the best CBD out there. They don’t brag about all they offer, they just greatly exceed expectations everyday.”
  • “WünderPet’s customer service is incredible. My previous supplier I never saw or heard from. We bought the other supplier through our Merck rep. who just handed us a flyer. I assumed this supplier was the only one out there for pets, until we found out about WünderPet. I always am contacted by WünderPet, and their new intern program helps our local university students prepare for possible medical or pharmaceutical sales.”
  • “I am a large animal veterinarian, and WünderPet is one of the few companies I have found that offers products for large animals. The results have been incredible.”
  • “I love that they offer sprays. Not only can I use it topically (the spray seems to be able to be easily applied) to support hotspots, lick granuloma’s, dermatitis, etc., but it can be used internally just as easily. I like the dual purpose the spray offers. We use it more than the oils with the tinctures. “
  • “I have personally talked with other veterinarians on WünderPet’s board. They have given CBD to over 2,000 companion pets for a variety of reasons, and have been following these patients for over a year, with blood work, etc. They even mix CBD many times with pharmaceutical treatments, and I tried some of those and they worked great without any side effects for my patients”
  • I can easily get through to talk to a veterinarian on WünderPet’s board. They have answered any of my questions within 48 hours, even thought they are practicing veterinarians also. The company I previously purchased from said they were created by veterinarians, but I have never been able to get through to one.”
  • “ I have a feline only clinic.  Not only does WünderPet work better than any other CBD brand we have tried, their new Salmon flavor has great appeal to my often finicky cat patients."