Alternatives to Pure, Isolated No THC Hemp CBD- Myths Vs. Facts

Today, it seems there are so many companies out there offering a better mouse trap when it comes to CBD.  Instead of pure CBD, they offer products such as CBG, CBN, and CBDA (with more surely to come), in addition to “enhancement” terpenes. However, these extra additives can pose a risk to your furry friend. WünderPet’s stance is that we will only offer pure, isolated zero-THC hemp, and nothing else.

WünderPet Only Offers 100% Pure, No-THC Hemp CBD

Our pure, isolated no-THC hemp is derived from the oil of the flowers of the hemp plant. Think of it as similar to the small droplets on the pinhead interior flower that stem from a honeysuckle plant; this shows how many flowers it takes to produce an ounce of pure hemp CBD oil, which is why pure hemp CBD is so expensive.

There are 28,349 milligrams in just one ounce of pure hemp CBD. Just look at the retail price of 1000 mg of pure hemp CBD: it ranges from $99-$139 retail. Take the average of $125 per 1000 mg cost of CBD; that would put the value of an ounce of CBD at $3,542.50. This is why pure CBD is called green gold. Gold currently is $1909 an ounce. CBD is almost 2 times higher per ounce!

Not Everything Is What It Seems

What this has created is a Wild West where everyone, including large companies, have created a “better mouse trap” by offering CBD with so many additives. A few questions you should ask when it comes to these types of additive CBD products are:

  1. Are these “revolutionary” cannabinoids tested to show the “incredible” enhancements they provide? And if so, by what data (not just the data from their scientists
  2. What are the short- and long-term effects, as well as safety studies, on these “revolutionary” products?
  3. How can these companies add newfound isolated hemp adulterates, cut the price in half, and double the milligrams per bottle at the same time?

The answers to #1 and #2 are that we are not aware of any creditable peer reviewed studies. The answer to #3 is simply that they can’t; maintaining the pure unadulterated isolated hemp milligrams in the product is impossible with these additives. By adding these “revolutionary “other cannabinoids,” the company avoids stating the milligrams of pure isolated hemp CBD (which can be tested).

Without an accurate, established measurement, these companies can’t fully determine how many milligrams of pure CBD are in combination with the adulterated CBDA, CBN, or CBG in the overall milligrams of the product. So, you may see a product from another company using CBDA that states they have 1,500 milligrams of CBD. However, the product may only have 200 milligrams of pure CBD and the rest is made up of 1,300 milligrams of unproven and potentially dangerous CBDA or another additive.

There Can Be Other Consequences Of Using Adulterated CBD

Let’s use CBDA for an example; the process uses extracts from the entire plant. Scientific studies have proven that CBDA will convert to THC over time, which could cause the product to go over the legal THC limit allowed in CBD of .3%.  Then, you have to answer to a pet owner whose dog can’t get up and stumbles across the room because it is feeling the same “high” effects found in marijuana. Even worse, the FDA makes a surprise visit and tests the product you are selling to find it above the legal THC limit, putting the CBD into a schedule 1 drug classification, and possibly placing your license in jeopardy.

So given this information, what should veterinarians do?

  1. We suggest you only purchase an isolated product from a vetted and reliable source that can provide a credible, independent lab-tested certificate of analysis.
  2. Ask for the milligram breakdown of the pure, isolated hemp CBD in the product. Don’t let the company try to fool you with the milligrams that include all the additives.
  3. Remember companies have every incentive, given the price of pure isolated hemp CBD, to cut corners. Do your research.

One Last Thing… Terpenes

Terpenes are also one of the many additives that other CBD companies leave in their product. Originally, people thought terpenes were just the cause of the aroma’s plants emit. However, according to research conducted by the American Chemical Society, terpenes have an impact on the chemical level of the CBD. Since terpenes directly interact with the Endocannabinoid System and it’s hard to determine the compounds and quality of the terpenes in each plant, CBD with terpenes still in it can be dangerous for pets.

WünderPet removes the terpenes in our CBD because your pet’s safety is our top priority. Although there can be healing properties in the terpenes, it’s not worth the risk of harming your furry friend. We also remove terpenes to ensure it’s our CBD’s highest medical grade traceable industrial hemp that is helping your pet and not an unpredictable additive just like CBG, CBN, and CBDA. Terpenes can also completely adulterate the CBD.

Trust WünderPet For The Purest Pet CBD On The Market

There are a lot of CBD products on the market, so you want to make sure you buy a good, ethical product. The company should have guaranteed testing to certify there are no THC, heavy metals, or pesticides, herbicides, fungus, mold, and potentially harmful bacteria and processing chemicals in their product. “You’d be astounded by the analysis we’ve seen of products on the shelf with virtually no CBD in them,” said Cornell University veterinary researcher Joseph Wakshlag, who studies therapeutic uses for CBD. “There are plenty of folks looking to make a dollar rather than produce anything that’s really beneficial.”

WünderPet is one of the few pet brands that provides scannable QR codes on each product that allows the consumer to see independent testing for purity and analysis of our CBD oil for each lot number. We are proud that our certificate of analysis is independently done at the top laboratory in the industry, and the only ISO/IEC 12750 2017 certified in the world. Most companies’ certificates are a single page, but ours is completely thorough at 5 pages.  To learn more about our products, click here.

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