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Seal of Veterinarian Recommended Products

  • WünderPet is the only brand that legally carries the Veterinarian Recommended Seal.
  • Our brand has a full Veterinarian Board of practicing Veterinarians that have used CBD for hundreds of companion pets.
  • Awarded the CBD Seal Of Distinction, given only to highest quality and efficacious CBD products (less than 0.5% of all other CBD brands qualify)
  • Our brand uses only 100% medical grade industrial, no THC hemp
  • 100% Organic, non-GMO, PBA-free, no VOC's, no heavy metals, no pesticides, no herbicides, no foreign matter, no bacteria and no fungus.  All product is 99%+ pure.
  • All American grown and operated
  • Cold CO2 processed vs. other methods using dangerous chemicals like Ethanol and Butane as used by 95% of other companies
  • Only pet brand that provides scannable QR codes on each product that allows the consumer to see independent testing for purity and analysis of our CBD oil for each lot number.

Display Options

We provide display options some of which are seen here.

1. Small Acrylic Display with lock for countertop and more conservative spaces.


2. The Full Display to showcase the full range the WunderPet product lines.

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