The Real Consequences of Using CBDA

As you know, WünderPet stresses that we are 100% THC free and we feel that is very important vs. our competition that offers CBDA.

Today I was talking with a boating neighbor that was unaware that I was involved with CBD for animals.  When I shared about WünderPet, they expressed to me that they purchased our largest competitor that uses CBDA as their main formulation about 2 months ago. It was not at all a good experience. She had purchased the competitor’s product for travel anxiety prior to an upcoming trip.  She had started their dog on the CBD per the instructions about a week before leaving.  Two days before the trip, her dog went almost totally comatose; it was in a daze, basically would not move.  She was hysterical thinking she had killed her furry family member and in a panic, she rushed her dog to her veterinarian.  After spending over a thousand dollars (in addition to missing her trip, which was probably cost thousands more and took an additional psychological toll), she was informed that the dog was experiencing high levels of THC from the CBDA that had been given.  Ultimately, it took her dog about 3 days to recover. Thankfully her dog is fine now, but it could have easily been a different story according to her DVM.

I share these type of stories because I want everyone to see there are real consequences from using CBD (or CBDA in this case) that has not had ALL THC isolated out of the product.  Animals’ reactions to THC levels are not all the same. One dog of the same size, breed, etc. may be just fine, while another dog using CBDA with legal (but still possibly toxic) levels of THC can have a horrible reaction, like what happened in this case.

These type of situations give all CBD a bad name.  WünderPet has NEVER had any type of report like this, and never will. Her dog would have gotten the benefits of the CBD without the negative effects of the THC by using WünderPet.  She purchased the CBD online without any direction on dosing, etc.  This is the exact reason all CBD should be managed and dispensed by a DVM.

This blog will be read by many DVMs.  I know many of you are skeptic of CBD, and I understand; I was once skeptical as well, thinking it was “snake oil.”  However, that was until I saw CBD as our only alternative care option left to bring our cat back from certain euthanasia due to extreme weight loss from inappetence. Our cat lived a great quality of life for another 3 years!

The fact is that 4 out of 10 of your current clients are using CBD and not telling you. Would you rather be the direction they take by dispensing a quality NO THC CBD product like WünderPet, or just allow your clients to continue to go on their own in the jungle of possible harmful products, and have outcomes like the one above? We both know the answer!

Charles Moore

CEO, WünderPet

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