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Alternatives to Pure, Isolated No THC Hemp CBD- Myths Vs. Facts

Today, it seems there are so many companies out there offering a better mouse trap when it comes to CBD.  Instead of pure CBD, they offer products such as CBG, CBN, and CBDA (with more surely to come), in addition to “enhancement” terpenes. However, these extra additives can pose a risk to your furry friend.…

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Itchy Pet Awareness Month

August is recognized by the AVMA as Itchy Pet Awareness Month.  Our companion pets have many kinds of issues that that can be supported with CBD. Pets with skin conditions, such as atopic dermatitis, lick granulomas, and flea allergy dermatitis can find relief by using our WünderPet CBD. It also helps with pain associated with…

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International Cat Day!

This month has a special day for our feline friends.  Today, we celebrate International Cat Day (Meow)! We are often asked if CBD actually works on cats… the answer is absolutely!  Cats deal with numerous issues that CBD supports, such as behavioral issues, skin and allergies, and pain. If your kitty seems uptight, it may…

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